Lidl America

A preferred A&E firm for Lidl, LDG is spear-heading the grocer’s Urban Remodel Initiative. This new retrofit program entails custom store configurations while maintaining Lidl’s brand recognition and corporate design standards. Since partnering with Lidl in 2017, we have assembled a dedicated, client-specific A&E team to best serve them in this fast-paced market sector.



LDG collaborated with Sheetz to create a custom, fuel-free store located on the ground floor of University Place near West Virginia University. At just over 15,000 square feet, this store features a large grocery area, full-sized kitchen, beer cave, wine shop, food service and expanded indoor/outdoor seating, all of which were focused around creating a one-of-a-kind customer experience. LDG has also been an advisor to Sheetz’s sustainability program and completed several Site Designs for traditional, ground-up Stores.

Dandy Mini Mart

Since 2009, LDG has completed over 40 new stores and remodels for the Dandy Mini Mart convenience store chain. From conceptual design, Land Development, Architecture and Engineering, LDG’s full-service approach simplified project coordination and delivery. The largest of which was the new Flagship Store in Towanda, Pennsylvania, which featured a complete quick-service restaurant, grocery, soda cave, and dining area along with dozens of Gasoline, Diesel and CNG fuel islands. LDG also managed Dandy’s store Prototype and provided valuable input on how to further enhance the customer experience while also streamlining construction costs.

EG America, Inc

Since the early stages of EG America’s expansion into the US, LDG Retail has been a trusted partner for their national remodel and new-build programs. LDG works directly with their brand partners to coordinate overall designs and approvals into the convenience store process. From building assessment, 3D surveying, entitlements, and fit plans, to civil engineering, architectural & MEPS engineering, permitting, and construction administration, LDG’s unique full service approach allows for streamlined client communication methods resulting in quicker project delivery.