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Open Office Etiquette

Welcome to your new office space. It is very exciting to be able to work in this open area. The ability to collaborate on projects and ideas brings new opportunity to LDG. As such we need to be aware that an open office does create a different environment. Please be mindful of your colleagues and follow the etiquette guidelines below.

  • Noise

    • Modulate your voice. No need to whisper – just be considerate of your neighbors when speaking near individual workspaces.
    • Reserve enclosed spaces when needed. Conference rooms are available for larger or longer meetings, extended conference calls, one-on-one conversations and focus work time.

  • Interruptions

    • Read and respect privacy cues and personal boundaries. If your neighbor is wearing headphones or otherwise signaling they are doing focused work, hold your thought for another time or send them a message.

  • Privacy & Confidentiality

    • Utilize enclosed activity spaces. Conference rooms are located throughout the space for sensitive or confidential face-to-face or telephone conversations or work.
    • In your individual workspace, do not leave items on the table spaces outside of business hours for privacy. Lock your workstation during extended absences. Dispose of confidential documents in gray shred bins.

  • Sharing Spaces

    • Honor your reservation time. Make a reservation for spaces that require it. Update or cancel your appointment if meetings shift or end earlier than expected.
    • Return to order. Allow sufficient time before vacating to clean the room so it is ready for action by the next party.

  • Odors

    • Be mindful that odors do travel. Refrain from eating at your desk. Strong personal scents, i.e. perfumes, colognes, lotions, etc., can be overwhelming.
    • Clear food from activity spaces before vacating. Dispose of all food and waste from meetings or other group events in the kitchen trash.

  • Visual Cleanliness

    • Utilize storage provided. Coats should be hung in shared coat closets. Limited personal items should be stored in desk cabinet.
    • E-file. Minimize paper piles and files by limiting copying and printing in favor of digital archives.
    • Keep floor spaces clear. Avoid tripping hazards by containing loose items and keeping cords out of traffic patterns. Boxes, drawings, equipment, etc. shall not be stored under desks.
    • Keep desk area clean. Refrain from cluttering your space with personal items, papers, etc. Be mindful that LDG visitors will be walking through the area and we want to display our professional work area.

  • Office Environment

    • Lighting and thermostats are automatically regulated and do not require manual manipulation.
    • Recycle. Use designated blue receptacles to dispose of paper, cans and bottles.
    • Dispose of trash using designated receptacles.
    • Think digital. Avoid printing, copying and accumulating paper when digital filing and sharing will suffice.

  • Beverage Station

    • Coffee etiquette. Follow the same etiquette as the kitchen coffee area. Brew new coffee when discovering an empty pot. Label fresh coffee with time of brew.
    • Mini Fridge. Place beverage-related items only in the mini fridge. Label items accordingly. Store food in sealed containers in the three kitchen refrigerators.
    • Spills. Clean liquid or ice spills immediately to prevent moisture and staining in the carpet.
    • Return to order. Leave beverage station in a clean state of order and do not leave dishes in the sink. Remember that this space could be serving visiting clients.
    • Be conscious of noise. Refrain from conversations and activities at the beverage station as it is immediately adjacent to work areas.

Thank you for your continued cooperation and consideration in helping us achieve our goal of creating a space that makes you feel your best at work.

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